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About Realplay

Realplay delivers video of every swing, pitch, and catch that any player makes on a baseball or softball field.

Our cameras capture every moment to help players improve, share their highlights with anybody, and hold on to memories.

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What’s Inside

Realplay is the new standard for players, coaches, and parents to watch progress being made over the course of a season.

Imagine being able to see a child's most memorable plays from anywhere at anytime.

Seeing is Believing

Realplay was specifically designed  for youth sports.

Realplay automates the capture, editing, analysis, and distribution of player video, providing parents, coaches, scouts, and teams with high-resolution video of any player's performance.



For Parents

Parents can see their child's memorable plays anytime, anywhere

For Facilities

Facilities generate more revenue without additional overhead

For Players

Players can share and promote their achievements

For Coaches

Coaches get deeper insights and analytics

For Scouts

Scouts get access to a wider talent pool and reduce recruiting costs

For Instructors

Player development, instructors can see game footage to make adjustments during lessons

Simple Pricing

One price per season

Realplay Online

Sign up and receive your first three auto-edited clips produced by Realplay. The more you play, the more video you can add to your account.


One Day Pass

Includes a single day of video. You pick the day.


Event Pass

All video from a single multi-day tournament.


Season Pass

We record all season long. You get every play.


Realplay Showcase Reel

A compilation reel of your best moments.


Example Video

Example Video


What Our Users Are Saying

"Any player can understand my coaching 100% better if I show him a video of him doing the thing that I've been telling him he's doing."

Rick Forestiere
Athletic DirectorHead Baseball Coach Thayer Academy

"OMG! I got the chills!!! Thank you so much! I can't believe of all the games I've gone to since he was about 5 years old and the one game I miss he hits his very first home run. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing this memory for me."

Lisa D.

"Without video we couldn't break down the mechanics and understand how to get the most out of our players."

Director of Baseball Operations - MLB

"Every kid that sends me some far away iPhone video is already low on my priority list."

DI Recuiter

"I get to just watch my son play; I'm happy I don't have to be a one-man-film-crew."

Glenn M.
HS Parent

"What Realplay is doing is crucial to our recruiting efforts."

Matt Noone
Babson College Head Baseball Coach, NEWMAC Coach of Year

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2020 and Beyond

2020 Outlook

Realplay is always looking to expand and be apart of new teams, tournaments, and facilities as we continue to grow and shape the way video is distributed to players, coaches, parents, and scouts.

Realplay is more than excited to speak with you about having your games or tournaments filmed. Please feel free to reach out to a Realplay representative to discuss further using the form above.

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