Showcase Pages
Hand-select your best videos to create your own personalized showcase pages that you can share with coaches, scouts, family and friends.

Video is the key to getting recruited and succeeding and there's no easier way to share your video than with Realplay's showcase pages!
Go to Example Showcase Page
How to Create a Showcase Page:
1. Sign into and navigate to your player profile
2. Click 'Showcase Pages' on the right side of the screen above your clips
3. Press 'Create Showcase Page' and give it a name
4. Go back to your profile, and press 'Showcase +' on a clip you want to add to your new showcase page
5. Choose your showcase page from the dropdown to add the clip to it
6. From your showcase page, share the link in the top right with whoever you'd like!
Click the help beacon icon in the bottom-right of this page or send an email to!
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