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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I getting from Realplay?

Every player will receive personalized auto-edited video clips of Batting Practice, Defensive Showcase Drills, and All Action from Live Gameplay. Ball-Tracking Data available on select videos.

What happens after I sign up for Realplay?

You will receive an email from Realplay with a link to access your Player Profile.

When can I expect my videos to be ready?

All videos will be delivered to your Player Profile within 10 days. You will receive an email whenever new clips are added.

Can I access my Player Profile even if the videos aren’t ready yet?

If you purchase via Headfirst, you will receive an email with access to your Realplay profile the Monday after your session.
If you purchase via Realplay, you will have access to your Realplay profile instantly.

How do I use my Realplay video to connect with college coaches?

Create your own personalized showcase pages directly on the Realplay platform to easily share your best clips with coaches. Including Realplay video as part of your follow up with coaches can get you seen by the entire coaching staff.

How long will I have access to my video for?

Your Realplay video will be available for a full year. After a year, to maintain access, you can sign up for a Realplay Storage Pass.

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